Following the breadcrumbs, to the homeware market in Australia- Kate Hopwood

Kate tells us how she got to design for Target Australia, head large creative teams fo Kmart in Melbourne and now Kate heads design for Freedom homeware in Sydney.

Kates travelled all over the world forecasting trends and styling for homeware in Australia for 11 years.


Following the good feeling 

Gratitude being the only attitude

Being mindful and in the present

Eckhart Tolle

Abraham Hicks- Ask and it is Given

Get paid for being you!

Welcome to Creative Ways Podcast.

I’m Emma Isaacs and In this first episode, I introduce myself and reveal the big risks I’ve taken with truly following that gut feeling and how that’s kept me staying in my creative purpose, designing for global brands 19 years now.

I talk about how I truly believe that if creatives aren’t following their true inner calling they are literally harming their minds and bodies!