Anna Parker-Naples: How to rewire internal limiting beliefs.

My guest this week is Anna Parker- Naples, a multi-award-winning  NLP, Business & Mindset Coach, Voice actor and a best selling author.

Having experienced herself many personal challenges, including horrific bullying, being wheelchair bound and depression – all leading to a fear of being visible. Thanks to her personal development journey embracing NLP practices, she defied the doctors to walk again, and also started to realise and release her own potential.

Since her transformations she has walked the LA red carpet and has spoken alongside stars such as Ruby Wax on mindfulness, and won awards alongside Adele and Holly Willoughby for inspiring people to change their lives.

Anna helps capable entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches and speakers to work out how to stand out from the crowd and become an authority in their field.

We talk about NLP what’s NLP and how it can change our lives, changing the whole internal language. We talk about imposter syndrome, how everyone can experience it in different times of their lives.

Anna also shares with me her personal breakthroughs (she’s never shared publicly before)

Anna Parker-Naples Takeaways

1.Imposter syndrome – we all have it! Or will get it At some point or level in our lives!

2. We have 60,000 thoughts a day!!! And most of them are still on repeat!

3. Watch the langue you have been taught and what your inner voice is saying to yourself

4. Your journey is your message

5. Being confident is not boastful, it’s being aligned and comfortable speaking out

6. Your time is now!

Check out Anna’s coaching and all of her amazing mastermind work and her podcast get visible


Anna’s latest course -The Podcast Membership

Helps podcasters learn to launch, and grow their podcast and give each other support in promotion in the early days.

I wish I’d had this when I was starting mine!

Anna has a book out called ‘Book Get Visible!’

Book Julia Cameron – The Artist’s Way

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