How to face uncertainty and move with fear. Looking at ‘Circle of influence and concern’ theory with Katie Abey

Katie Abey is an illustrator, she has a successful empire, spreading shear joy for others ‘creating positive things for other proud weirdos’ 

Using her adorable fun characters and empowering messages through her books, fashion such as cute fun skirts, T’s, Pins, funny cards, and mugs, she has a cup of kindness mug which is just literally happiness in a cup

I say empire because not only has Katie and her gorgeous husband Jeff got a successful online store, they have a brick and mortar shop too, running a team of people plus Katie illustrate books, all the while being true to herself and sharing her vulnerability, and growth through her business and products.

I asked Katie to chat about how important mindset is as a Creative and I asked her to talk about the Circle of influence and concern theory which is a habit we can all do and keep to each week to feel more in control.

Katie’s Take aways-

1.Don’t be afraid to try lots of things with your business and see what works.

2.Different income streams helps relieve stress around money.

3.You can be confident and introverted!

4.Watch how busy you are and if it’s a regular unhealthy pattern to afford feeling things.

5.Work out and only concentrate on what you do have control over.

6.Protect your energy!

7.You can learn how to Use your bad day to help others through your art. This action can help you no end.

8.Learn and try to change your perception of a situation.

9.Talking about mental health makes it a friend rather than a beast and you will feel empowered. Bring it out into the light!

10.Showing your vulnerability helps others.

11.Shine your own weird light!

12.We are a work in progress, we are never finished!

You can find all of Katie’s gorgeous products on Etsy

They also offer a gorgeous box of happiness with lots of her products packed inside and sent out to your loved one or of course if you’re like me you’ll have ordered one for yourself too!

Books –

7 Habits of highly effective people with Stephen R Covey

Alan watts – become what You are

Podcast -Oprah Winfrey – Supersouls Sunday’s

How to make it as a designer aged 18 without a degree with Karl Bradshaw

Karl Bradshaw was just 18 when he was brave enough to approach a huge international design studio, which landed him his first full time design job!

He’s since designed for Uk Greetings Disney Team, Clinton’s, Sainsbury’s and now Card Factory.

Karl’s also had designs sold in Primark, Toys R Us and a full license gifting and stationary range in Saudi Arabia!

Karl designed the first famous LGBT cards on the U.K high Street for Card factory which is year on year praised across the media by customers (err of course!)   

Karl goes deep and shares with us what it was like ‘coming out’ to his parents and in his work place, stepping into his true authentic self and what that meant for his creative journey too.

There’s also something else Karl’s been involved in I want to mention, he’s designed for Card factory the world’s largest thank you card for the NHS!


Karls book recommendation – The daily Stoic







How to become a successful children’s book illustrator with Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward (GingerBred)shares her valuable experience of how to pivot into a new design market, the world of Children’s Books.

Sarah’s been a successful illustrator for over 15 years, but even with an impressive portfolio of designs published for Hallmark, Ukgreetings, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Clinton’s, Pigment, Partisan Products & Philips AVENT to name a few, Sarah still felt nervous approaching a new industry. Sarah shares with us the steps she took to become a successful children’s book illustrator.

Sarah’s Takeaways:

1.If you’re giving up your day job or trying pivot, take a part time job or job that’s not too taxing so you can transition as smoothly as possible.

2. Say yes to work that isn’t quite what you’re after as you just don’t know what else is on offer there.

3 Try to have a creative support network, this can be virtual or a meet up. It’s important to be with like minded people.

4. Having different styles is good! Don’t be told otherwise!

5.If there’s a part of your business you’re struggling with, it’s ok to outsource!

6. If you’re pitching to a new industry, send a variety of styles tailored to this market.

7. Do your research with book agencies to see if your style would fit.

8. Self doubt is normal!

9. Keep your brain free for your bigger creative goal!


How to change your life to one that’s more aligned in mind, body & spirit with Kim Flodin

Kim is a healer, Reiki but also a colouring book healing coach.

Kim has been through so much in her years, she had asthma since a toddler, having 3 inhalers a day. She also had a huge 5 hour operation for endometriosis finding a huge tumour, a few years later aged 40, Kim had an extreme case of bacterial phenomena, she was hospitalised and off work for months.

This was all nearly 20 years ago and she hasn’t had a single pill inhaler or any medication since!

Kim’s drastically changed her fast lane high powered life to one that’s calm and centred and free from medication for extreme life long asthma & allergies! Kim has aligned her health in body, mind and spirit and she started that through art with her own healing journey and created a colouring book business when it all was so new!

She now amongst reiki healing, teaches how to fall in love with yourself and a big one, how to say no!

Kim just took the next step at the time when she had no idea if it was right, trusting the process, she had literally nothing at one point, in a new state no where near family, she had to start over with no idea what to do!  Kim just knew colouring was helping her for that moment, that minute that day, not thinking too big, just what felt good at that time. Listening to her inner thoughts, intuition, and her gut, what felt good and nourishing!

Kim’s Takeaways

1.Seeking counselling or any professional help is another form of being healthy and growing

2.Listen to your inner body it, your gut doesn’t lie. 

3.Colouring books are great for healing you don’t you don’t have to overthink it! It’s just for you!

4.You just need to know the next step

5.Fall in love with yourself, your body and health will thank you for it! 

6. Learn to say no if it’s not serving you, you’re not going to help others if your cup isn’t filled up.

7. You can’t think a negative of someone that’s not already in yourself!

8. Shift negative thoughts to compassion

9. Stories and laughter always get you through.

10. Breath work is the daily work!

Kim Flodin

Wim Hoff

Micheal Pollan

Gary Renard

Byron Katie

Creating an emotive reaction and true connection with your message with Artist Dave Buonaguidi

Artist, advertising maverick and author Dave Buonaguidi shares his valuable wisdom with us this week. Dave has been a true shaker in the advertising world for over 30 years. Dave was the founder of Karmarama & St lukes co-operative creative advertising agencies which was way ahead of its time,  it was named ‘the most dangerous company on earth!’ by the Harvard business review!  They worked with Ikea, boots, body shops Anita Roddick to name just a few.

They created the famous ‘MAKE TEA NOT WAR!’ poster for the Stop the War Coalition, which is now in the V&A.

Dave then went on to be creative director for Channel 4 for a time before truly diving into his creative calling as an artist! Dave is the king of messaging and creating connection through his art.

Dave’s has gone against the grain challenging the status quo, and creating noise his whole career, Dave is definitely not beige and this is why we all love him!

Dave shares how to get your message out there and create connection through building your universe and market. He also believes by keeping your values and shinning your true light, the rest will come!

Dave takeaways

1.We all really need to feel seen and have connection

2.Build your universe and your market

3.Keep getting back up!!

4.Be authentic and guided by your inner morals

5. Create an emotive reaction to get your message out there with connection

6. If you keep going and shining your light bright, people will come back

7. There are more people who will give up and pull the plug than keep going.

8. Keep to your values!

9.Creativity is the cure

10. Your pain is your message

You can find Dave’s work and the galleries he’s at

And Buy his book! Blah blah blah I couldn’t put it down!! Buy on Amazon and

He’s also done a Ted talk ‘be the driver not the passenger’

How build up your client lists and design for huge brands and with Zoe Wodarz

Zoe is an incredible established designer with 20 years experience in surface design, trend research, illustration and product line development.

We talk honestly about staying ahead and how to get in front of and keep big clients. And the white elephant in all creatives room, money and fees!

Zoe’s Takeaways – 

1.Portfolios are never completed, just keep them pruned and representing where you are currently

2.Get copyright knowledge

3.its so important to always Think like a business

4.Take a creative class to mix up your digital art

5. You need to experience what you’re creating, so try and go outside (of course that’s now online!) and try to connect with others

6. Work with a variety of companies

7. Contact cool companies you want to work with

8. Trend shop!

9. Do not coast!

10. Only put out designs what you want more of.

Copyright info –

Zoe’s book and resource List:

I still love Illustrator and Photoshop WOW book series very good for visual learners.

Classes – Skillshare and don’t forget your Adobe classes! I also keep a tips and tricks from other designers personal journal.

Resources for trend – WGSN and Trend Bible 

Mind Your Business by my talented friend Ilana Griffo

Art Money Success by Maria Brophy

Podcasts – Creative Pep Talk,  The honest designers show

Personal Favourites – some classics to escape the day

A recommendation from the late, great and missed Anthony Bourdain called – Flash in the Pan, and of course all his books!

Comics – Bloom County, Liberty Meadows and Frumpy the Clown!

Travel books are my favourite escape from the day!

Hotel Pastis by Peter Mayle  

Megan Abbott, Elizabeth Peters, Katherine Neville and Kerry Greenwood novels – love a kick ass lady detective mystery + treasure hunt!

Zoe’s books a few favourites

Just a shout-out to Zoe’s  writer friends

Rebecca Makkai – The Great Believers, Music for Wartime: Stories, The Hundred Year House, The Borrowers

Mindy Mejia – Every Thing You Want Me to Be, Leave No Trace, and her new book just dropped this week Strike Me Down

Andy Greenwald -Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers, and Emo and Miss Misery

TV – writer and executive producer – Briarpatch

How to change your career path with side hustles and passion projects with Craig Goode

Why do we all need a side hustle? How can you turn your idea into an income or a career pivot?

Craig Goode is a successful photographer, animated and film maker

Craig’s degree wasn’t creative, that didn’t ever stop him, Craig self taught every part of his photography and film company that we all see today! Craig’s the king of passion projects and side hustles, all the time lead by his first love music and film. Craig shares how evolved and developed his styles over the years through side hustles

Craig’s Takeaways:

1. Have a creative side hustle for the process and not for the outcome

2. Self teach as much as you can there’s so many great free sources these days

3.Keep learning and developing

4.Try new ideas and push boundaries in your quite season

5.We all start at zero

Check out Craigs stunning work here!

You can find him on Instagram, and all of the socials too.

Perfect Sound Whatever – James Acaster



Anna Parker-Naples: How to rewire internal limiting beliefs.

My guest this week is Anna Parker- Naples, a multi-award-winning  NLP, Business & Mindset Coach, Voice actor and a best selling author.

Having experienced herself many personal challenges, including horrific bullying, being wheelchair bound and depression – all leading to a fear of being visible. Thanks to her personal development journey embracing NLP practices, she defied the doctors to walk again, and also started to realise and release her own potential.

Since her transformations she has walked the LA red carpet and has spoken alongside stars such as Ruby Wax on mindfulness, and won awards alongside Adele and Holly Willoughby for inspiring people to change their lives.

Anna helps capable entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches and speakers to work out how to stand out from the crowd and become an authority in their field.

We talk about NLP what’s NLP and how it can change our lives, changing the whole internal language. We talk about imposter syndrome, how everyone can experience it in different times of their lives.

Anna also shares with me her personal breakthroughs (she’s never shared publicly before)

Anna Parker-Naples Takeaways

1.Imposter syndrome – we all have it! Or will get it At some point or level in our lives!

2. We have 60,000 thoughts a day!!! And most of them are still on repeat!

3. Watch the langue you have been taught and what your inner voice is saying to yourself

4. Your journey is your message

5. Being confident is not boastful, it’s being aligned and comfortable speaking out

6. Your time is now!

Check out Anna’s coaching and all of her amazing mastermind work and her podcast get visible


Anna’s latest course -The Podcast Membership

Helps podcasters learn to launch, and grow their podcast and give each other support in promotion in the early days.

I wish I’d had this when I was starting mine!

Anna has a book out called ‘Book Get Visible!’

Book Julia Cameron – The Artist’s Way

How to make it in the surface pattern design industry with Rachael Taylor

No really, Rachael Taylor is the Co founder of the successful global online surface pattern school ‘Make it in Design’

Rachael’s Taylor is a household name in the surface pattern industry, she has also been featured on T.V lots of  times, the likes of channel 4’s Find it flog it, Good Morning Britain, a finalist for creative shed of the year. Rachael’s won blog awards and been in many design books such as print & pattern. And all of the design and style  magazines over this last decade.

So of course Racheal’s company is constantly growing and evolving with the ‘Make it in design live hub’ which is an online members club filled with latest trends and monthly briefs and live Q&A’s with industry experts!

Rachael shares on the podcast what her struggles were growing up and how she got where she is now despite her childhood horrendous set backs!

Rachael’s Takeaways:

1.Seriously look after your mental health and be gentle with yourself

2. It’s ok to have an off week! Plan your work around it

3. Look for colour inspiration around those darker winter months

4. Carve out time to take your business on a holiday away! Even to a city close by, especially if it’s a time of year you struggle with

5. Success is never about the money

6. Visualise what outcome you want in all of the details

Racheal Taylors work and blog:

Check out all of Make it in Design courses :

Make it In Design have a brand new online course Florals and Nature: A Design Masterclass opening April 9th if you wanted to mention that:

Rachael and her team have created an amazing free classroom  called ‘the gift of creativity’ in response this horrendous Coronavirus, check it out!


Books we chatted about –

The secret by Rhonda Byrne

No Matter What by Lisa Nichols

Bob Proctor

Mike Dooley Manifesting Change

Quitting your day job in your mid 40s with Sleaford Mods front man Jason Williamson

This week’s guest is Jason Williamson from British electronic punk duo band Sleaford mods! Jason was in his mid 40s when his second album hit the charts and it was time to quit his day job. He was married with a daughter and a mortgage.

I went to Jason’s home for coffee and a long honest and personal chat. Jason talks about his constant battles with alcohol and personal growth. Staying aligned with the right artists and musicians and always staying true to himself and his wife and family.

We talk about the years of hustle leading up to the Sleafords Mods recognition.

Jason’s Takeaways

1. There’s no arrival

2. When you change your lifestyle for the better you’ve got to actually learn to live differently each day.

3. If you’re being featured by another artist make sure you step back and let them do their thing.

4. Apply yourself intentionally

5. The persistent mind work is the ground work -Nothing is an overnight success

Sleafod mods are Currently in Australia, then in US for Coachella and a West Coast tour, then back to the US in September for the East Coast.

Latest album – All That Glue – is released on 15 May 2020 And check everything else out at ​

Latest album – All That Glue – released on 15 May 2020

www.sleaford​ for tour Australia and US tour dates

Snowy featuring Jason Williams EFFED ​