Creating an emotive reaction and true connection with your message with Artist Dave Buonaguidi

Artist, advertising maverick and author Dave Buonaguidi shares his valuable wisdom with us this week. Dave has been a true shaker in the advertising world for over 30 years. Dave was the founder of Karmarama & St lukes co-operative creative advertising agencies which was way ahead of its time,  it was named ‘the most dangerous company on earth!’ by the Harvard business review!  They worked with Ikea, boots, body shops Anita Roddick to name just a few.

They created the famous ‘MAKE TEA NOT WAR!’ poster for the Stop the War Coalition, which is now in the V&A.

Dave then went on to be creative director for Channel 4 for a time before truly diving into his creative calling as an artist! Dave is the king of messaging and creating connection through his art.

Dave’s has gone against the grain challenging the status quo, and creating noise his whole career, Dave is definitely not beige and this is why we all love him!

Dave shares how to get your message out there and create connection through building your universe and market. He also believes by keeping your values and shinning your true light, the rest will come!

Dave takeaways

1.We all really need to feel seen and have connection

2.Build your universe and your market

3.Keep getting back up!!

4.Be authentic and guided by your inner morals

5. Create an emotive reaction to get your message out there with connection

6. If you keep going and shining your light bright, people will come back

7. There are more people who will give up and pull the plug than keep going.

8. Keep to your values!

9.Creativity is the cure

10. Your pain is your message

You can find Dave’s work and the galleries he’s at

And Buy his book! Blah blah blah I couldn’t put it down!! Buy on Amazon and

He’s also done a Ted talk ‘be the driver not the passenger’

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