How build up your client lists and design for huge brands and with Zoe Wodarz

Zoe is an incredible established designer with 20 years experience in surface design, trend research, illustration and product line development.

We talk honestly about staying ahead and how to get in front of and keep big clients. And the white elephant in all creatives room, money and fees!

Zoe’s Takeaways – 

1.Portfolios are never completed, just keep them pruned and representing where you are currently

2.Get copyright knowledge

3.its so important to always Think like a business

4.Take a creative class to mix up your digital art

5. You need to experience what you’re creating, so try and go outside (of course that’s now online!) and try to connect with others

6. Work with a variety of companies

7. Contact cool companies you want to work with

8. Trend shop!

9. Do not coast!

10. Only put out designs what you want more of.

Copyright info –

Zoe’s book and resource List:

I still love Illustrator and Photoshop WOW book series very good for visual learners.

Classes – Skillshare and don’t forget your Adobe classes! I also keep a tips and tricks from other designers personal journal.

Resources for trend – WGSN and Trend Bible 

Mind Your Business by my talented friend Ilana Griffo

Art Money Success by Maria Brophy

Podcasts – Creative Pep Talk,  The honest designers show

Personal Favourites – some classics to escape the day

A recommendation from the late, great and missed Anthony Bourdain called – Flash in the Pan, and of course all his books!

Comics – Bloom County, Liberty Meadows and Frumpy the Clown!

Travel books are my favourite escape from the day!

Hotel Pastis by Peter Mayle  

Megan Abbott, Elizabeth Peters, Katherine Neville and Kerry Greenwood novels – love a kick ass lady detective mystery + treasure hunt!

Zoe’s books a few favourites

Just a shout-out to Zoe’s  writer friends

Rebecca Makkai – The Great Believers, Music for Wartime: Stories, The Hundred Year House, The Borrowers

Mindy Mejia – Every Thing You Want Me to Be, Leave No Trace, and her new book just dropped this week Strike Me Down

Andy Greenwald -Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers, and Emo and Miss Misery

TV – writer and executive producer – Briarpatch

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