How to become a successful children’s book illustrator with Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward (GingerBred)shares her valuable experience of how to pivot into a new design market, the world of Children’s Books.

Sarah’s been a successful illustrator for over 15 years, but even with an impressive portfolio of designs published for Hallmark, Ukgreetings, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Clinton’s, Pigment, Partisan Products & Philips AVENT to name a few, Sarah still felt nervous approaching a new industry. Sarah shares with us the steps she took to become a successful children’s book illustrator.

Sarah’s Takeaways:

1.If you’re giving up your day job or trying pivot, take a part time job or job that’s not too taxing so you can transition as smoothly as possible.

2. Say yes to work that isn’t quite what you’re after as you just don’t know what else is on offer there.

3 Try to have a creative support network, this can be virtual or a meet up. It’s important to be with like minded people.

4. Having different styles is good! Don’t be told otherwise!

5.If there’s a part of your business you’re struggling with, it’s ok to outsource!

6. If you’re pitching to a new industry, send a variety of styles tailored to this market.

7. Do your research with book agencies to see if your style would fit.

8. Self doubt is normal!

9. Keep your brain free for your bigger creative goal!


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