How to break the fashion world with photographer Ruth Rose

Ruth Rose is a successful fashion photographer and content creator based in London. Ruth’s worked with celebrities and brands such as Jodi Kidd, Pixie Lott, Sarah Harding, Brian McFadden, Gemma Cairney, band Madness, lots of ‘Made in Chelsea’s’ celebs, Love Island, Spencer Mathews.

Ruth’s worked with many beauty brands, amazing swimwear ones such as Lime Blond, she’s worked with Rayban, Accessorize, Oakley, Martini, George, Fisher-price, Ok magazine and Cosmopolitan, the list goes on.

Ruth is so generous, she tells us her favourite lenses, tips on how to be on big shoots.

And of course she shares her thoughts on content creation and social media.

Ruth’s takeaways

1.Don’t over think what could go wrong.

2.Internships are so so valuable.

3.At first take up all opportunities.

4.You don’t have to have a huge loud personality, in fact models relax and warm if you are gentler and more considered. It can feel for the model more of two way project then.

5.Use Mood Boards for each shoot.

6.Try to do light tests alone at the shoot.

7. Keep on with your personal projects.

8. Give yourself pep talks and try to talk and sound out and have regular Brain Dumps with other creatives.

9. Look after your fitness for later life. Yoga- body strength workouts are great.

10. Keeping a routine through this new normal, it really does help.

You can find Ruth’s stunning work –



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