How to change your career path with side hustles and passion projects with Craig Goode

Why do we all need a side hustle? How can you turn your idea into an income or a career pivot?

Craig Goode is a successful photographer, animated and film maker

Craig’s degree wasn’t creative, that didn’t ever stop him, Craig self taught every part of his photography and film company that we all see today! Craig’s the king of passion projects and side hustles, all the time lead by his first love music and film. Craig shares how evolved and developed his styles over the years through side hustles

Craig’s Takeaways:

1. Have a creative side hustle for the process and not for the outcome

2. Self teach as much as you can there’s so many great free sources these days

3.Keep learning and developing

4.Try new ideas and push boundaries in your quite season

5.We all start at zero

Check out Craigs stunning work here!

You can find him on Instagram, and all of the socials too.

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