How to make it as a designer aged 18 without a degree with Karl Bradshaw

Karl Bradshaw was just 18 when he was brave enough to approach a huge international design studio, which landed him his first full time design job!

He’s since designed for Uk Greetings Disney Team, Clinton’s, Sainsbury’s and now Card Factory.

Karl’s also had designs sold in Primark, Toys R Us and a full license gifting and stationary range in Saudi Arabia!

Karl designed the first famous LGBT cards on the U.K high Street for Card factory which is year on year praised across the media by customers (err of course!)   

Karl goes deep and shares with us what it was like ‘coming out’ to his parents and in his work place, stepping into his true authentic self and what that meant for his creative journey too.

There’s also something else Karl’s been involved in I want to mention, he’s designed for Card factory the world’s largest thank you card for the NHS!


Karls book recommendation – The daily Stoic







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