How to make it in the surface pattern design industry with Rachael Taylor

No really, Rachael Taylor is the Co founder of the successful global online surface pattern school ‘Make it in Design’

Rachael’s Taylor is a household name in the surface pattern industry, she has also been featured on T.V lots of  times, the likes of channel 4’s Find it flog it, Good Morning Britain, a finalist for creative shed of the year. Rachael’s won blog awards and been in many design books such as print & pattern. And all of the design and style  magazines over this last decade.

So of course Racheal’s company is constantly growing and evolving with the ‘Make it in design live hub’ which is an online members club filled with latest trends and monthly briefs and live Q&A’s with industry experts!

Rachael shares on the podcast what her struggles were growing up and how she got where she is now despite her childhood horrendous set backs!

Rachael’s Takeaways:

1.Seriously look after your mental health and be gentle with yourself

2. It’s ok to have an off week! Plan your work around it

3. Look for colour inspiration around those darker winter months

4. Carve out time to take your business on a holiday away! Even to a city close by, especially if it’s a time of year you struggle with

5. Success is never about the money

6. Visualise what outcome you want in all of the details

Racheal Taylors work and blog:

Check out all of Make it in Design courses :

Make it In Design have a brand new online course Florals and Nature: A Design Masterclass opening April 9th if you wanted to mention that:

Rachael and her team have created an amazing free classroom  called ‘the gift of creativity’ in response this horrendous Coronavirus, check it out!


Books we chatted about –

The secret by Rhonda Byrne

No Matter What by Lisa Nichols

Bob Proctor

Mike Dooley Manifesting Change

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