How to run your creative business after Covid 19 with Chris Chinnock

Chris Chinnock specialises in Social enterprise, he goes across the U.K supporting and advising new businesses, community startups and organisations.

Chris has worked for over 20 years both for the public sector and the last few years presenting strategies and support with his own success business.

So initially – literally a couple of weeks before Covid 19 I wanted Chris on because he’s multi passionate!

Chris thrives in this game, and you can tell it’s his passion, he’s a wealth of knowledge and inspiration however, like many creatives he also has another passion which is his photography business.

So I wanted him initially to speak about that and what that can mean as a multi passionate.

But of course then all of this Covid hit and credit to how much of a pro Chris is, he intimately connected me and said creatives will want advice on long term strategies with diversifying business offers going forward for the next 18 months which is brilliant! And of course so needed for us all.

Chris’s Takeaways

1.Treat covid 19 as a permanent change for your business

2.There are so many positives for our communities going forward.

3.Diversify your business offers.

4.Building trust, building relationships, building connections is key. 

5. If you’re genuine people acknowledge that.

6.Use your creativity to see ways to diversify.

7.Inspiration doesn’t just stick, you have to create it!

8.Be intentional!

9.Look at this as a business owner and think what could be more meaningful with how I show up for my audience for a permanent business.

10.There will be times when it’s just not fun!

11.Treat it as work, show up on every level, or hire people to do it.

12.What would be meaningfully long term with your offer, and make that permanent.

You can find Chris across socials at 

Chris Chinnock photography and check out his stunning work at


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