How to stop checking your likes: shake off the need for approval and live an incredible life with Susie Moore

What does confidence really look like? How do we change the beliefs we were told growing up?

Susie Moore chats this week about how to be ok with not being liked by everyone. And that people just aren’t even thinking about you as much as you think they are.

Susie was earning half a million dollars a year for Silicon Valley at just age 30! hello? Susie is queen of media she’s an author, her first book ‘what if it doesn’t work out’ was named by Entrepreneur as one of the 8 must reads to dominate your industry! She’s now a columnist, and life coach. Susie has been featured on the Today Show, published by Oprah, Business Insider, Forbes, The Huffington post, Marie Claire and she’s a resident life columnist for Greatest. Susie’s work has been shared by Ariana Huffinton, Paulo Coelho, Kris Jenner!

Oh and if you think ‘oh it’s ok for her, this beautiful young lady in Miami, then think again, Susie’s childhood growing up in the UK was filled With family addiction, growing up as a little girl living in women’s refuges and on social government funding from school to school with vouchers from church’s. Susie created her life literally from the ground up! I think it’s safe to say She knows what she’s talking about with a mindset and living in the best Truest  part of yourself. Susie is a true hustler! 

Susie’s Takeaways

1.Don’t keep on to Shame and your hiding truth. Hiding your truth is a disservice to others.

2.We hold on to Inner beliefs because one person told us it’s that way? Investigate them!

3. Reality is just one interpretation.

4.The best thing we can do is be the example and to forget other people’s opinions .

5.It’s important to create and live in your bubble.

6.Manage your focus.

7.You can’t spot something that’s not within you.

8.A confident person is willing to experience bad things and do it anyway.

9.Whatever we need to adapt to, we get used too quickly, of course then we reach further, watch out it’s not more and more with reminding yourself of your core values.

10.Find appreciation, every single day! 

11.Imposter syndrome is a sign of growth. Always seek to level up and to be a little uncomfortable.

12.Keep doing the work on yourself daily!

13.You’re in charge of your mindset.

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