Quitting your day job in your mid 40s with Sleaford Mods front man Jason Williamson

This week’s guest is Jason Williamson from British electronic punk duo band Sleaford mods! Jason was in his mid 40s when his second album hit the charts and it was time to quit his day job. He was married with a daughter and a mortgage.

I went to Jason’s home for coffee and a long honest and personal chat. Jason talks about his constant battles with alcohol and personal growth. Staying aligned with the right artists and musicians and always staying true to himself and his wife and family.

We talk about the years of hustle leading up to the Sleafords Mods recognition.

Jason’s Takeaways

1. There’s no arrival

2. When you change your lifestyle for the better you’ve got to actually learn to live differently each day.

3. If you’re being featured by another artist make sure you step back and let them do their thing.

4. Apply yourself intentionally

5. The persistent mind work is the ground work -Nothing is an overnight success

Sleafod mods are Currently in Australia, then in US for Coachella and a West Coast tour, then back to the US in September for the East Coast.

Latest album – All That Glue – is released on 15 May 2020 And check everything else out at ​www.sleafodmods.com

Latest album – All That Glue – released on 15 May 2020

www.sleaford​mods.com for tour Australia and US tour dates

Snowy featuring Jason Williams EFFED ​https://youtu.be/e9Dyh0AW2zM

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